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The Bitcoin KingContact us by any method listed and you can be assured of our quick response. We are available early till late UK time (GMT/BST) and we aim to respond as quickly as possible via social media or onsite secure chat. Outside of these hours a best endeavor service is available (but with a slower response time)

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Bitcoin KingSMS text message to +44 (0) 121 699 4004

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TBTCK Twitter – @TheBitcoinKing

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The King of Bitcoin Phone +44 0121 699 4004

postal address 6 Brindley Place Birmingham B1 2JB

Dude & Dudette’s – Hit us up with a pm/dm so the normies can’t get all up in our business but ….. Never Trust ALWAYS verify – These are the only verified ways to get in touch – Beware of scams and impersonators. There are many Twitter & Telegram accounts that purport to be us… they are all scammers.  We would never ask for a loan or credit or to borrow any bitcoins. We do not broker gift cards and we would never be short on a deal. If anyone is asking they are scammers. We DO NOT use insecure apps or apps that leak data (Whatsapp or Facebook) for any communication and we do not have accounts on either of those platforms.

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