ID Proof

BITCOIN'S In order to comply with our legal responsibility we may be required to verify your details.

There are certain levels and limits we adhere to and we will require further verification the more you trade with us. They are as follows – But why?

1 2 3 4
Full name X X X X
Country of residence X X X X
Email address X X X X
Phone number X X X X
Physical address X X X
ID verification X X X
KYC info X X X
Proof of residence X X
Extra ID verification / Proof of funds X
Transaction limit (£/year) 2500 20000 200000 No Limit

To do this we will require the following sent to us and we strongly suggest you use our PGP key to encrypt all data.

  • Photo of yourself (a selfie) where you must be holding up your bank card along with a piece of paper and the random number we have requested from you on it.
  • On your bank card please cover the long number BUT make sure it is showing your name and the account details
  • We will require proof of address (UK driving license or Utility Bill)
  • JPG & PNG file types are the only accepted (No PDF)
  • No black & white images.
  • No photocopies.
  • The photo proof needs to show both the uploaded ID and the random number.
  • No grainy, blurry, low resolution images – anything below 400 DPI is rejected.
  • The ID needs to be issued by the UK government (Passport & Driving license only)
  • The ID needs to show your date of birth (Passport & Driving license only)
  • The ID needs to show the date of issue and the date of expiry (Passport & Driving license only)