BTCWhy have you asked me for ID?

“I have got lots trades on scamsrus / I have been on here for long bro, and I know Mr X, yes big Mr X”

You may be verified with another exchange… Great! That’s good, but that doesn’t mean your verified with us. We have our criteria set, in an advert they are shown right at the top and by opening a trade you have confirmed that you have read and understood the advert and agreed to our terms. If you have not previously been verified by us or by a trusted exchange we will always ask for ID. If we look at your profile and decide (for whatever reason) we want to feel all safe and secure we will ask for ID.  If we are in a bad mood or you pee us off, we will ask for ID, if we have just had 3 nasty people all moaning about ID I bet you can guess what we are going to say … ID! We display the requirements everywhere and if you have not bothered to understand this then that immediately sets off alarm bells. We also reserve the right to graciously decline your offer …. that said we always try and be nice, otherwise our Mum would slap … lets not go there.

But (still) the ID thing….

OK – so let us explain … lets say our deal goes bad. We trusted you and you have turned out to be a less than desirable person, or a cad, a scoundrel or otherwise rotter (even Pro traders have been know to go rogue) the payment that has gone to our bank via transfer, pingit, PayM PayPal etc is recalled or even just marked as suspicious. Our bank / PayPal will suspend our account. That means that we can not trade with that account and that presents us with a problem, and a problem for anyone who has set us up as a payee. This not only inconveniences us BUT most importantly our customers that have come to rely on us, and send money to that account. This is something we do not like. If it happens a couple or three times the account gets closed and our money is held for up to 3 months. We then have to go to the bank with ID, sometimes attend a Police station to give a formal interview, raise a crime number and report it to Action Fraud. So for the 1 to 3% profit we made on the deal it soon looks like a lot of work for little reward.


No shit Satoshi

A genuine 100% bonafide straight up honest truthful pukka kosha legit for real mistake please pop back.. you will find we are easy to talk to.

OK smarty pants what about data protection :p

If we ask for ID we ask you to cover the long number on your card, cover the passport number, or cover the driving license number. We want to see your ID, BUT do not want to be responsible for it. We therefore have no personal data from you except confirmation of the account number, sort code and name that a payment is coming from (exactly the same as we would get from the bank account you are paying into)  or a passport with no number or a driving license with no driver number. Nothing more than anyone would get if you sent them a payment or showed an ID card. Oh, and yes we forgot we are data protection act registered.

So why the selfie?

So if we have to report you to Action Fraud and the Police we can give them your picture. They keep these and try and build a pattern of fraud. Quite interesting really …

And finally….

If we show the bank we have taken every reasonable precaution under our money laundering responsibilities, they in turn have also met theirs and we may keep our account open… if we are lucky. They in turn do not get a big fine. Like HSBC for nearly 2 billion.

Details – http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20673466

“Arrrggghhhhhh !!!!!! You still wont release my coins!!!! Why!!!!! I am going to kill, rape, find, abuse, swear at, you and your family, friends, in fact the whole country……”

We will release your coins, of course we will. So long as you have paid us and most importantly it has been sent from an account with the same name as you have set (and probably verified) We do not under any circumstances release coins to anyone when the payment has come from a different name/slightly different name or different initial. For the same reasons as above. If we can not release your coins we will always refund the payment to the account it came from. This process will take at least 30 days but in exceptional circumstances can take 180 days.

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